Hsiang-Lan LIU

About Liu Hsiang Lan

Born in TAIWAN, I was fascinated by calligraphy by the age of eight, and after a classical course, I studied art: calligraphy, Chinese painting, contemporary art.

In 1986, with a Fine Arts degree from the National Taiwan University of Arts, I came to Paris in search of an artistic inspiration imbued by French culture.

I integrated the Beaux-Arts in Paris, passed a Master at the University of Paris 8 and joined the National School of Arts of Paris-Cergy – ENSAPC. After ten years of study in Western and contemporary art, I was awarded the prize of the French Ministry of Culture in 1997.

Since 1989, I teach Calligraphy, Chinese Painting, Oil Painting, Qi Gong and Tai Chi. In 1998 I create A.C.C. – The Chinese Culture Association of Cergy-Pontoise.

Professor at the GUIMET Asian Art Museum since 2005, I was passionate about introducing and transmitting Chinese Art to young students.

I have exhibited continuously since 1986, in 1992 at the Taipei Museum in Taiwan, in 1997 at the Rinkokaku-Maebashi Palace in Japan, in 2000 at the Lucie Faure Salon at the National Assembly of Paris, in 2012 in Martinique, in 2014 at the Carrousel du Louvres in Paris and in 2016 in Jinchang in China where the press will title « An artist born in Taiwan, who has succeeded in Paris ».




1989年起開始教授書法、中國畫和油畫。1998年成立中華文化學會。從那時起我擔任協會主席, 並教授 氣功和太極拳。 2005年起任教於GUIMET巴黎吉美博物館。

1986年後,持續性的展出…1992台北市立美術館個展,1997日本個展,2000年法国国會群展,2012馬丁尼克個展,2014巴黎罗浮宮群展, 台湾河北交流展,2016金昌,韓国交流展. 中国金昌新聞寫道: « 一亇藝術家,出生在台湾,成就在巴黎. »


Theme- Women and Femininity

Through the theme « Women and Femininity », I invite you to follow the movement of these curves … fluids … generous … delicate that conceal an invisible force, the ancestral power of the matrix. The bodies are naked and the feet emancipated, freed from the male yoke of several centuries. They are connected by the earth, they draw their strength from the depths of the nourishing earth. Interior, intimate landscape dance with the surrounding nature in a tangle of shapes and an alchemy of hues.



經由女人和女性氣質的展覽主題, 她邀請我們隨著這些彎曲、流淌的動作… … 柔和精緻驍勇中隱含一種無形的力量-子宮中祖先的​​力量。所有的身體都是赤裸裸的, 解放的腳、從幾世紀男性枷鎖解放的自由。她們連接到土地,吸取大地深處肥沃的力量。